There are not enough prescribing mental health specialists in Illinois.


This shortage creates very real costs for patients, their families, and their communities. Treatment delays mean waiting longer to feel better and inadequate access can mean that patients who suffer from serious mental illness frequently end up in jail, emergency rooms, or inpatient treatment facilities.


Licensed clinical psychologists have the skills to treat these patients with psychotherapy and are willing to pursue additional training to safely treat patients with medication in conjunction with psychotherapy when needed.


SB 2187, which passed the Illinois Senate with a strong majority in 2013, would license psychologists to prescribe after they have completed a doctoral degree, 4000 hours of clinical experience in psychotherapy, a master’s degree in psychopharmacology, an additional 480 hours of clinical experience in physical assessment and medication management, and a collaborative agreement with a physician.

Do you support licensing prescribing psychologists, with the training and practice requirements set forth in SB 2187, in Illinois?


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